Symantec protects IoT devices against zero-day cyberattacks

Number: IRCNE2015082615
Date: 2015/08/30
According to “zdnet”, Symantec has launched the Embedded Critical System Protection, a new security solution designed to further protect Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide.
Announced on Tuesday, Symantec said the firm is investing in the protection of IoT products used within the connected home, and as part of this effort, is currently securing over one billion IoT devices.
IoT devices are on the rise. Smart security systems, thermostats which can be controlled through your smartphone, lighting systems which can be voice-controlled or manipulated through mobile devices -- the list is endless. While these devices can make home life more convenient, the moment you connect a product to a network, you are also forging a path for potential security risks.
As part of Symantec's IoT strategy, the security firm is now offering Embedded Critical System Protection. The security solution protects IoT devices "by locking down the software embedded in the device to protect against zero-day attacks and prevent compromise," according to the company.
In addition, Symantec is working with chip makers worldwide and cryptography specialists, including Texas Instruments and wolfSSL, to bring security to the hardware level.

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