Activities and Duties

Keep in mind the importance of responding to security incidents in cyber space & related information exchange environments, and also the establishment of dedicated centers that respond to such events, such as is usually done in most countries under the name of CERT centers, Maher Center began work as Iran’s national CERT in 2008. Since then Maher Center has had the responsibility of country wide actions for the prevention of and response to such security incidents in information exchange environments.


  • Rescue and response activities:

    Immediate investigation of cyber space incidents based on the request of various organizations

  • Prevention activities:

    Providing warnings, notifications, risks and vulnerabilities of nationwide information systems and the publication of guideline packages to strengthen such systems against attacks and other possible incidents

  • Security quality levels improvement activities:

    Providing workshops and security courses based on current technology trends & needs

Goals and duties:

  • To provide a central national node for strategic coordination activities in information exchange environments incidents based on the division of work and responsibilities as provided by the high council of cyberspace
  • To build sufficient capacities in order to respond to cyber incidents in the country
  • The exchange of experiences and analysis of incident responses
  • Helping organizations, government centers and private companies create CSIRT groups
  • Facilitate communication between groups with similar directions and related organizations in order to share knowledge in the cyber security field
  • Development of secure communication mechanisms for reliable communication among groups
  • To join in international groups and also the formation of international interaction centers to confront common threats
  • Sharing of important analysis regarding systems’ security and important threats on a national level
  • Support of continuous security evaluations in various information exchange environments
  • Knowledge transfer through educational courses
  • Communication and cooperation with other CERTs at national, regional and international levels
  • Holding meetings, seminars and conferences related to confronting cyber-attacks
  • Cooperation with related organizations with the goal of drafting and passing laws, regulations and policies that affect the capacity to deal with cyber incidents